10 reasons to invest money via direct lending

We have created a list to highlight the benefits of direct lending.

  1. Investing via a direct lending platform is quick, easy and 100% online.

  1. The interest income is significantly higher compared to savings accounts or classic bonds.Investors can achieve a net return of 4.01% – 9.69% onthis platform for example.

  1. The investments are safe. All borrowers are subject to strict credit checks. All borrowers with credit ratings of AA, C, D and E have a steady income that by far exceeds the loan amount and have a insurance in case of death. The insurance takes over the loan in the event of disability, unemployment or death.

  1. In order to minimize the risk of default, CreditGate24 has introduced risk pooling using a solidarity agreement for each rating level.

  1. The strict credit check,based on classic credit check methods, big data and social media analyses allows for safe investments. To date there has not been one single default with CreditGate24.

  1. Diversification across several loans (at various rating levels) will result in an even lower risk of default.

  1. The investor’s and borrower’s data are treated confidentially and anonymously presented on the platform.

  1. The fees are very attractive because CreditGate24 operates without expensive offices and high administrative costs thanks to the highly automated platform.

  1. Thanks to regular, reliable repayment of the investment (amortization and interest), the investor benefits from a monthly income and a low capital commitment period.

  1. Low correlations to stock and bond markets contribute to the stability of the loan.

*Sybille Zimmermann is responsible for marketing and communication at CreditGate24

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