Deep in a bunker

Data security is key when it comes to sensitive customer data. For Fintech company like CreditGate24 data security has to have the highest priority because our business model is based precisely on such sensitive data.

Physical and virtual data protection

There are several different methods and resources for advanced data security. First we have to make a distinction between the physical protection of data – in other words the possibility of physically accessing the heart of CreditGate24 via the server – and the virtual protection of this data. Because even without physical access, data can be deleted, stolen or altered. This article provides information on the physical protection of data.

The heart of our data is located in Glattbrugg with Interxion

No, CreditGate24’s servers are not buried deep inside a mountain. But they are at least as well protected in Glattbrugg with Interxion.

Interxion is a service provider specializing in the operation of highly secure data centers throughout Europe. Interxion is ISO 27001 (information security management system) and BS 25999 (business continuity management) certified. The data center also meets the requirements of FINMA (FINMA-RS 08/7 – outsourcing banks).

Strictly monitored and redundant systems

The building is essentially a building within a building. The actual data center is located in the inner building. Access is ensured through a five-step, physical security concept. Among other things, the building is monitored around the clock by trained security personnel and cameras. Only authorized people have access to the actual servers. This is ensured among other things by biometrical security checks and identification checks.

Interxion guarantees infrastructure availability of up to 99.999%. Power lines, IT systems and emergency power generators all have backups. Fire risks are also accounted for. There are early fire detection systems, direct notification of the fire department and automatic gas-based fire suppression systems.

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*Pedro Schütz is responsible for technology and security at CreditGate24.

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