SME Success story: Hermann Wenger, CEO DynaRoads GmbH

Hermann Wenger is the founder and CEO of DynaRoads GmbH. Together with his employees, he has developed a dynamic driving control system. Thanks to his development, construction sites are gaining in efficiency and safety.

The dynamic driving guidance system with self-propelled guard rails allows you to move and change trams in just a few minutes. Additionally, thanks to dynamic signaling, lanes can be individually modified and adapted by a control center. We are not the only one, how likes his idea. The Zuger YoungEntrepreneurs did it too.  On April 4, 2017, Hermann Wenger won the Zuger Young Entrepreneurs Award 2017. This is an audience award.

Mr. Wenger First of all, Congratulations on becoming the winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award, how did you come up with the idea to start your own business, since when are there DynaRoads and what are the advantages of your product?

I have recognized a concrete need that is not satisfied. That is why I founded the “DynaRoads GmbH” in February 2016 and developed a system to meet the road lanes, Direction-related, switchable. Our solution significantly increases the performance of congestion points on roads and minimizes the risk for road users and the road construction staff.

What problems did you face when you asked for a SME loan with a traditional financial institution?

As long as a company can not provide ongoing, positive cash flow over 3 years, banks are cautious with funding.

How did you hear about CreditGate24 and why did you decide to ask for a loan?

I had your flyer in my post and I thought “why not, i will give a try”.

How did you find the entire process from the loan request to the final payment of your SME loan?

The consulting was professional and effective right from the beginning. I had only one contact; Which I greatly appreciate. The whole process was simple, clear and fast. Within 3 weeks I received the loan and the conditions are very good due that i am a start up.

Would you recommend CreditGate24?

Of course. It is the best model I know to bring investors and borrowers together.

What are your personal goals and objectives of DynaRoads for the future?

Personally: I have fun and do my best.
DynaRoads: The bottlenecks on Europe’s roads are equipped with DynaRoads systems to optimize the performance of the road and avoid congestion.

In addition to our interview with Mr. Wenger, we also shot a video, in which he introduces himself and talks about his experiences with CreditGate24. The video contains English subtitles. Please activate the subtitle function.

We would like to thank Mr. Wenger for his trust and wish him and DynaRoads all the best for the future.

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