Strategic provision with investments in loans?

We are often asked how lucrative investments are in loans, for the strategic construction of a savings plan? Basically we can answer this question with a yes, it is lucrative. However, there are some points to keep in mind, so that investment in the future will remain profitable. It is important which goal you pursue. We would like to show you 2 strategic goals.

1. Objective: Building of assets

If you are planning a strategic investment, investing in loans is a very attractive option. The most important thing is that you have a clean distribution key and diversify your portfolio accordingly. On our online platform you can already invest from CHF 500 in personal and business loans. You can choose in which loan category (personal or SMEs) and rating level (AAA-C) you want to invest. This is where the personal risk is decided. If you are planning an investment of CHF 100,000 or more, we can offer you our choice mandate. From an investment sum of 1 million francs you get the full version of our mandate. We keep you informed about new investment opportunities, you decide on individual concrete investments and we make your investments.

2. Objective: Generate a regular income

Crowdlending opens up a whole new asset class for private as well as institutional investors. The ability to finance installment loans opens up the possibility for investors to generate a regular income. Because the monthly installments (amortisation and interest) of the borrower, you receive the monthly repayments of your investment as an investor. You define the amount, the duration and the rating level and determine the amount of your income.

Tax relief with P2P investments?

If you are pursuing a tax reduction with the investment in private and commercial loans, we have to inform you that no tax-optimized systems are currently available. The interest earned on natural persons in Switzerland is, in principle, subject to income tax and must be stated in the tax declaration. At the end of the year, you will receive an extract for your tax return.

Stay flexible with our secondary market when it comes to your future planning

No matter if and how much you invest on our online platform, you can always offer your investments on our secondary market at any time, before the credit project expires. So you have the maximum flexibility with regard to your liquid assets.

No investments at CreditGate24? Already at CHF 500, you can make a first investment and enter the circle of CreditGate24 investors.

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