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by Christoph M. Mueller*

Mr. Pfister opened the eMessage which he just received from CreditGate24 and began to read:

“Dear Mr. Pfister

Thank you for your trust in CreditGate24.

We have reviewed your loan application. We are happy to inform you that your loan is approved. Attached you find the loan agreement already signed by us and the relevant additional documents … ”

His odyssey had just found a satisfying end. At 3 banks he had applied for a loan in order to finally open the much needed additional position and to hire another IT consultant relating to his company Pfister IT Management AG. 2 banks did not even consider his application, because the amount of CHF 45k allegedly was”too small” and “growth financing in this segment is generally not possible.” With the third bank he at least was allowed to have an interview with the corporate account manager, but after submitting around 2 dozen documents he finally, after about 14 days, received a clear “No”. No reason why his application was not approved was provided and the bank wished him every success for his growth initiative.

Luckily Mr. Pfister, learned from his gymnastics club colleague Gianni, who runs a construction business himself, that he received a fairly priced loan from CreditGate24 for his newest truck in very straightforward, quick and easy way.

So Mr. Pfister filled in the online application for his SME loan at– it was very quick – within a few minutes the application was completed. A few additional documents were requested from him via a secured communication system – but it was a fraction of the effort he had experienced with the bank. After just one day, a friendly employee from CreditGate24 asked him a few additional questions about his person, his company and the purpose of the loan and promised Mr. Pfister a decision until the next day.

So Mr. Pfister waited eagerly for the next day. At 13:24, he received an e-mail that he had received an eMessage from CreditGate24. He immediately logged into his customer account and opened with a shaky hand the latest eMessage.

That his liquidity problem was now so easily solved, he had to tell Gianni on the same evening in his gymnastics club. He congratulated him and said with a laugh,”I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your project”!

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*Christoph M. Mueller is CEO and founder of CreditGate24

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