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Desired Credit Amount
Duration in Months
Interest Charges fromCHF toCHF 
Monthly Rate fromCHF 1'474toCHF 1'900
Nominal Interest from4.10%to5.30%
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After a deduction of CHF in costs, you will receive a total net pay-out of CHF .

SME short term loan benefits:

  •  No monthly installments
  •  Total repayment at the end of the term

Refinancing loans for SME

The financial requirements of a small business can vary and many rely on overdraft accounts to help fund the day-to-day expenses. This can put SMEs in a surprising situation as overdraft interest rates tend to be so high that it can cause a burden instead of helping your situation. With the CreditGate24 refinancing loan, our customers not only get an overview of their financial situation but also save money thanks to our low interest rates.

With our innovative online digital financing platform, we get to save on administrative costs and in turn, give those rewards back to you. Unlike large financial insitutions, we can offer debt restructuring at low interest rates. Our customers benefit from a simple and fast loan process allowing them to focus on what really matters the most. Growing their business. 


Register online and apply for your business loan directly from your office.

On the basis of your documents we will create your SME loan offer.

With your signature, we will put your loan project online.

Our investors will finance your loan and we will transfer the credit to you within 14 days.


Hermann Wenger
CEO DynaRoads und Winner of the
Zuger Young Entrepreneurs Award 2017

« Thanks to the flexible and fast financing of CreditGate24, I was already able to make the first orders. The uncomplicated handling and the personal consultation convinced me! » 

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Safe and secure

Your personal information that is provided to us is transmitted and encrypted and handled by our team with maximum discretion. On the CreditGate24 platform, each credit project will be anonymous, only showing the terms of the loan to our investors. If you have any questions or doubts, you can use our live chat or our 24-hour service and call us. Our care team will be glad to help you and answer your questions.

SAVE MONEY AND TIME with CreditGate24

Apply for your loan directly online, regardless of opening hours.

Benefit from low interest rates and a simple process.

We are your professional partner for future financing needs.

More than 9'000 customers trust CreditGate24.

Refinancing loans prematurely and saving money

See how much money you can save if you get a more favorable interest rate for a loan.

Currently, you have a business credit with an interest rate of 9.3% p.a. The outstanding repayment amount of the loan currently amounts to CHF 150,000. The remaining term is 48 months. Your current monthly rate for this business credit is CHF 3'754 high. The interest rate has developed positively in recent years and you have a new offer with an interest rate of 6.2% p.a. receive. Instead, as before, your monthly rate would be reduced to CHF 3'536. You can save CHF 10'464 over the remaining term.

key figures

current conditionsearly loan exchange
remaining loan amountCHF 150'000CHF 150'000
remaining term

48 month

48 month
interest rate  9.3%  6.2%
monthly rateCHF 3'754CHF 3'536
monthly saving

CHF 218
total savings> CHF 10'464

Note: For early credit resolution or loan consolidation, you need a final invoice from your current lender. Banks and financial service providers can levy a fee for this final settlement. The final invoice is the amount still open and should be checked again and again. You can then send this final invoice to your new lender and transfer the outstanding amount to your former financial services provider.

In our example, a debt restructuring has paid off and with a one-time fee for the final invoice you can save money.

Transparent fees

Registration and account opening: free of charge

Loan request: free

CreditGate24 fee: 0.6-1% p.a.*

Insurance fee of Generali: already included in the monthly rate. **

* Customers will be charged a one-time upfront fee for your loan depending on the term and credit amount. Minimum fee for amortization loans: CHF 100. Minimum fee for SME short term loans: CHF 150.

** In all grades, the residual debt (up to CHF 100,000) is insured by Generali in the event of death and is not transferred to the heir.

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