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Diversify your portfolio with our secondary market

Our secondary market is a market place for existing credits of peer-to-peer loans. Within the secondary market there is a capital exchange between registered investors.

The credit shares in a credit project are called Credit Project Shares (CPS). Registered investors have the option to offer their credit in a credit project for sale and / or they can buy CPS from other investors.

Investors can sell their own credit projects at a premium or a discount. In this way, they receive their capital employed before the end of the term of the loan. At the same time, investors can acquire credit projects and thus diversify their portfolio and increase the yield chances. The price is determined by the investors themselves and a purchase or sale is only made if a buyer finds himself at the offered price.

Investor benefits

Higher Liquidity

Take advantage of the opportunity to sell your investment before the end of the term.

Additional Investment Opportunity

The secondary market offers additional investment opportunities for investors.

No Additional Costs

The sale and purchase of credit project shares will be made for you without further charges.

Shorter Running Times, Potentially Less Risk

Take advantage of a shorter term to purchase investments and minimize your risk.

High Flexibility

You can sell the CPS with a premium or a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions about Secondary Market

Who is allowed to buy or sell CPS (credit) on the secondary market?
The CreditGate24 secondary market is open to all registered investors of CreditGate24.

Who determines the price of a CPS (credit) on the secondary market?
By default, the purchase price is based on the amount which is still open at the time of the sale to the original investor. However, the seller is free to demand a slightly higher or slightly lower purchase price (premium or Disocunt). All relevant information on the CPS is disclosed to the potential new investor / buyer

What happens when a credit is in default while a CPS (credit) is on sale?
The CPS can no longer be sold at this time and the offer is automatically removed from the secondary market by CreditGate24.

What does the CreditGate24 secondary market cost?
The secondary market for credit shares (CPS) of CreditGate24 is provided to investors free of charge. CreditGate24 does not charge any commission on the sold CPS. Investors pay unchanged service fee of 1% on all repayments, including on any product sold on the secondary market lending shares.

Other answers to the secondary market can be found in our FAQs on the secondary market.

More questions and answers to our secondary market

Investing the easy way

Register online and open an investor account.

Use our primary and secondary market and invest in loans.

Once the loan has been fully financed, you will receive a payment notices, or your invested amount will be debited directly from your account using the direct debit procedure (LSV).

Get your return on investment in monthly installments or as a single payment.

3 tips for an Optimal Investing Strategy

  1. Diversify your portfolio properly
    We recommend that you invest your investments not only in various credit projects of a rating level and credit category, but also to distribute your shares into loans of different credit categories and rating levels. Invest in both private and commercial loans and use our rating levels and invest in credits of rating grade A or AA as well as in B or C.
  2. Reinvest your assets
    In order to ensure a constant interest rate on your money, it is advisable to reintroduce the repayments from existing loans on a regular basis.
  3. Invest in other investment opportunities
    See your investment in loans as a new and especially as a further investment opportunity. With each investment in another investment, you diversify your portfolio and reduce your risk.

What our investors say

«CreditGate24 offers me an uncomplicated investment opportunity. I consider the risk to be minimal and the yields to be very attractive. I look forward to tracking the monthly repayments.»

F. Herter

«By the way: I am very satisfied with Creditgate24 in every respect and hope that you continue this simple, structured, innovative and intelligent way. Congratulations to you and the whole team of Creditgate24.»


«CreditGate24 has fulfilled my expectations as an uncomplicated, transparent and lucrative alternative to banks or securities investments»

F. Konermann

Transparent fees

What is CreditGate24?

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