About CreditGate24

What are the fees at CreditGate24?
Why does Hypothekarbank Lenzburg recommend CreditGate24 to its clients?

Hypothekarbank Lenzburg offers its customers the opportunity to apply for personal loans directly via the online platform of CreditGate24. The cooperation was established in the best interest of customers, who benefit from low interest rates and flexible solutions at CreditGate24. CreditGate24 remains completely independent and there are no compensation agreements between Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and CreditGate24.

Marianne Wildi, CEO of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, comments: "The credit underwriting process of CreditGate24 meets current industry standards in the lending business. We therefore recommend CreditGate24 to our customers - both for borrowers and for lenders." (Press release only in German)

Who operates CreditGate24?

CreditGate24 is an independent Swiss company operated by CreditGate24 (Schweiz) AG, a Swiss private corporation with its headquarters in Rüschlikon, ZH. Every day, our experienced specialists link investors with borrowers directly, while guaranteeing high quality and security of the processes.

What does the service of CreditGate24 cost?

CreditGate24 receives remuneration for quality control, use of the platform, and the support service offered to both investors and borrowers during the term of a loan. Borrowers pay an annual fee of 0.6 – 0.8% p.a. of the loan amount which will be deducted from the pay out amount. Investors pay a fee of 1% on every monthly instalment paid back by the borrower (amortisation and interest).

What are peer-to-peer loans?

Peer-to-peer-loans (P2P) is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match investors directly with borrowers. Since peer-to-peer lending companies offer these services entirely online, they can run with lower overhead and, therefore, provide the service more cheaply than traditional financial institutions. P2P-loans allow for a social component, an aspect that was lost in big banks.

What is CreditGate24?

CreditGate24 is an online peer-to-peer loan platform.  We connect borrowers with investors in a way that is easy, time-saving, convenient, and secure. Investors and borrowers benefit equally from low and transparent fees compared to those incurred through traditional banks and other loan suppliers. Borrowers benefit from the quick and easy credit application, the flexibility and low interest rate of the loans, and the simple and straightforward credit check process. Discretion and the protection of our clients’ personal information are paramount to CreditGate24. Investors have the possibility to invest in a variety of credit projects with different risk-return profiles (credit ratings). We ensure the security of the investors’ investment through our strict and elaborate credit risk check. Additional safety measures—like our insurance (in case of death) and a high degree of diversification—further increase the chances of investors gaining a profit.

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