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What is debt restructuring or a credit replacement?

If a borrower takes out several loans, he can convert them into a single consolidated loan. A borrower can bring down high interest when switching to a new credit supplier or platform.

What does CreditGate24 do against attempts to defraud?

CreditGate24 will press criminal charges on any and every attempt to defraud. Our credit specialists are trained to detect attempts to defraud and are in constant contact with numerous institutions in order to validate any suspicious activity.

Can investors see my personal details?

On CreditGate24's platform, your personal information—name, address, and email address—is not published.  Only statistical values of age, gender, and nationality are visible. CreditGate24’s top priority is our clients’ privacy.

How quickly will the requested loan amount be paid out?

As soon as you send all the necessary documents for the loan directly to CreditGate24, we will send you a loan offer via internal email. Once you accept the loan offer, the original contract for the credit project will be mailed to you immediately to be signed. When we have received the signed contract, your credit project will be published on our platform. Your requested loan amount will be paid out when it is fully financed on behalf of our investors.

What costs will I incur through my credit project?

You will pay a fixed monthly instalment, comprised of your individual yield and the amortisation of the loan.

Who can apply for a loan over CreditGate24's platform?

Anyone can apply for a loan through CreditGate24’s platform, providing the following conditions are met:

  • Majority age
  • Residence in Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • Passing of identity and money laundering check
  • Regular income and/or securities/properties
What are my benefits as a borrower?

Ethics in dealing with borrowers and transparency are key principles of CreditGate24. Obtaining loans through CreditGate24's platform is a clever alternative to the more traditional—and expensive—credit suppliers. Key advantages:

  • Flexible, fast and fair granting of loans
  • Simple and straightforward credit check process
  • Low interest rates
  • No hidden costs
  • Free registration and account-keeping
  • Highest flexibility, with the possibility to pay back your loan ahead of schedule
  • Highest discretion, privacy protection and guarantee of your anonymity
How do I apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan is quick and intuitive:

  • Before registering, you can already calculate the monthly rate for your desired loan depending on the amount and the term.
  • After registration, you submit the personal information necessary for a credit check
  • Once this information is received and analysed by CreditGate24
  • Once you have signed the credit project contract, we publish your credit project on our platform so it is visible to investors.
  • As soon as your credit project is fully financed and the investment money is wired to CreditGate24, the funds will be transferred to your account (CreditGate24 fees deducted)
Can we repay our business loan early?

SME loans or parts of an SME loan with a loan amount of more than CHF 80,000 can be repaid by borrowers early but at the earliest 12 months after the loan has been paid out. The intended early repayment is to be announced to us in writing by e-mail or e-Message 10 working days before the date of repayment. A early prepayment charge is payable in accordance with the loan agreement. The further procedure can be found with the confirmation message, which you will receive from us.

SME short term loans can not be repaid early.

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