Investor Dashboard


Your portfolio shows the current state of your funds with CreditGate24. The value represents all the capital that you currently have invested in loans. This includes Outstanding Principal which is the sum of all loan investments that have been paid out less principal repayments of the borrowers. Your portfolio also includes Cash in Transit which is the total sum of money invested by you that has not been paid out to borrowers yet.

Net Earnings

Your net earnings represent all the interest payments and other revenues you have received historically from your investments less any losses you incurred across all investments you have made. Your net earnings should increase if you continuously invest in loans and represents the cumulative historical earnings from your investments.

Rate fo return

The rate of return shows the effective annual return for your portfolio. It takes into account the invested loan principal, principal repayments, interest payments, fees, accrued interest, solidarity charges and credits (for any defaulted loans) and paid discounts/premiums on secondary market transactions. The calculation uses an internal rate of return method that incorporates daily historical cash flows and projected cashflows as expected based on your current investments.

Investment Status
  • Investment: The investor has committed to invest in the loan but the loan value has not been fully financed yet. The loan is published on the CreditGate24 platform pending full funding.
  • Declined: The borrower rescinded the loan agreement within the legal withdrawal period.
  • Capital call: The investment has been confirmed and invoices have been issued to the investors for payment.
  • Loan pay out: All individual investments have been collected and the loan is being paid out to the borrower.
  • On time: The borrower has made all scheduled payments to date.
  • 1-30 days overdue: One of the borrower’s repayments is overdue by up to 30 days. Measures for repayment punctuality have been initiated.
  • 31-60 days overdue: One of the borrower’s repayments is overdue by up to 60 days. Continued measures for repayment punctuality are active.
  • 61-90 days overdue: One of the borrower’s repayments is overdue by up to 90 days. Continued measures for repayment punctuality are active.
  • >90 days overdue: The loan repayments are overdue past 90 days. Processes for rehabilitation and recovery have been initiated.
  • Early repayment pending: The borrower has made use of their right to repay the loan early. Full repayment is expected within 30 days.
  • Repaid early: The borrower prematurely repaid the loan in full and was charged a fee for early repayment.
  • Paid back: The loan was repaid in full.
  • Sold: The investment has been sold on the secondary market.
  • Defaulted with recovery chance: The loan has defaulted and the recovery process is still under way.
  • Defaulted with loss: The loan has defaulted and recovery processes have been completed.

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