FAQ - Secondary Market

What happens to the borrower's amortization and interest payments, which are transferred during the sales process?

Investors who have entered a CPS sell order will continue to receive all amortization and interest payments of the borrower until the time a buyer purchases the CPS. Payments received from this point in time will be paid after successful completion of the sale to the buyer. The purchase price is adjusted accordingly so that the purchase price charged in each case correctly reflects the cash flows. In case the sale falls through, all cash flows go to the seller.

What can I buy or sell on the CreditGate24 secondary market?

CPS (credit project shares) can be sold or bought on the secondary market. A sale of parts of a CPS is not possible.

How are late payments or defaults handled during a secondary sale?

Credit project shares with late payments or defaults are removed from the secondary market and cannot be bought or sold.

Are there any restrictions on the sale of a CPS (credit project share) on the secondary market?

A CPS can not be sold if an installment payment of the borrower had to be reminded at the time of the sale.

How is a sale or purchase processed on the secondary market?

Lenders who would like to sell one or several investments (CPS or credit project share) can enter their request in their online cockpit. As soon as a buyer is found and the purchase price is paid, the CPS is transferred and the seller receives the money.

How much does the CreditGate24 secondary market cost?

The CreditGate24 secondary market is offered free of charge to all lenders. CreditGate24 does not charge a commission for the transacted credit project share (CPS). As with all investments, lenders pay the full 1% service charge on all repayments of a CPS, including for CPS bought or sold on the secondary market.

Who determines the price on the secondary market?

As a standard, the principal amount that is not yet paid back is set as the initial secondary market price. Sellers are free to enter a slightly higher or lower asking price. A sale is only completed once a buyer for the respective asking price is found.

Who can participate in the secondary market?

The CreditGate24 secondary market is open to all registered users of CreditGate24.

What can be offered on the secondary market?

Lenders can offer their existing credit project shares (CPS) on the secondary market before the end of their official term.

What is the CreditGate24 secondary market?

The CreditGate24 secondary market allows lenders to sell their existing investments (CPS or credit project shares). This offers the opportunity to generate liquidity before the end of the term of a CPS. Lenders who act as buyers on the secondary market get access to existing CPS with shorter remaining terms.

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