FAQ - SME short term loan

What is a SME short term loan?

The SME short term loan is a way to absorb liquidity at attractive conditions for your company in the short term. The terms are 1-6 months and the loan is amortized with a single rate at the end of the term.

What is the difference between SME short term loan and factoring?

Factoring is a way to get short term liquidity from the accounts book without having to wait for your customer to pay your bill. In the so-called "real" factoring, they assign the claim to a buyer, which also accepts the del credere (risk of payment failure). In other aspects of factoring, the invoice is only required as collateral for the loan and the risk of del credere remains with you. In this case, you must repay the amount received at the end of the term. Either way, factoring is only possible if they can sell a claim or prove it as security. This is not necessary with CreditGate24's SME short term loan. We consider your company holistically and carry out a credit check. Compared to factoring, the CreditGate24 SME loan also offers very attractive interest rates and does not burden your company unnecessarily. Of course, we like to accept your debit book as a security, which means that your conditions will be improved.

Can I repay the SME short loan prematurely?

An early credit repayment is not possible.

In which situations can a SME short term loan be considered?
  • Pre-financing of current assets (inventory / factoring / debtors /)
  • Bridging seasonal fluctuations
  • Pre-financing of invoices
  • Short-term liquidity requirement refinancing
  • Bridging a liquidity gap
  • Unforeseen
Is there a solidarity agreement for investors in the SME short term loan?

Yes, the SME short term loan is a separate type of credit with its own solidarity agreement between investors of the same rating level.

Can I sell SME short term loans as an investor on the secondary market?

No. This is not possible due to the short term.

What are the differents between the SME short term loan and the installment SME loan?

The term is shorter and amounts to one to six months. The SME installment loan has a maturity of at least 12 months. The SME short-term loan is not amortized; therefore, no monthly payments are made, but the entire loan amount including interest is repaid at the end of the term. An early credit repayment of the SME short loan is not possible. If the borrower repays the loan before the due date, the borrower will not receive interest credit.

What are the benefits for the borrower?

The borrower benefits from a product that exactly meets his needs. Short term, quick decision, targeted liquidity improvement, no amortization.

Welche Gebühren bezahle ich als Anleger?

Sie können sich kostenlos als Anleger registrieren und in Kreditprojekte investieren. CreditGate24 berechnet Ihnen lediglich eine Gebühr von 1% auf die konkret an Sie ausbezahlten Beträge (Amortisation und Zins).

What are the investment conditions to invest in a SME short term loan?

A direct debiting system (LSV + / Debit Direct) is required for investments in SME short-term loans CPS. Without LSV, the system is not possible.

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