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Crowdlending - the smart way to invest

Want to in­crease your re­turn and di­ver­si­fy your port­fo­lio? Use Crowd­lend­ing as a new as­set class. Crowd­lend­ing of­fers both, private and in­sti­tu­tion­al in­vestors the op­por­tun­ity to in­vest in per­son­al and busi­ness loans. It is up to you to de­cide how much risk you want to take. You de­cide which rat­ing level you would like to in­vest. With the aid of our rat­ing levels, you can see how much your ex­pec­ted re­turn is, but also how high the prob­ab­il­ity of de­fault is.

In­vest in per­son­al and busi­ness loans on our primary mar­ket

On our primary mar­ket you will find all the audited loans from private bor­row­ers and SMEs. Each loan con­tains a rat­ing level. On the basis of this you can de­term­ine what cred­it­wor­thi­ness the bor­row­er has. In which rat­ing level you want to in­vest, you de­cide for your­self. From CHF 500 you can in­vest with us. If you are plan­ning a lar­ger in­vest­ment sum, we can re­com­mend our choice man­date. Start­ing with an in­vest­ment sum of CHF 100,000, the Light ver­sion starts, and start­ing with an in­vest­ment sum of 1 mil­lion you can use the full ver­sion of our man­date.

Our Investment Products

  • Marketplace lending platform for private and institutial investors
  • Opportunity to invest in private debt like institutional investors
  • Monthly amortization of direct investments
  • Extended diversification of your portfolio

With our dir­ect in­vest­ments, you can dir­ectly buy re­ceiv­ables as an in­vestor. We have de­veloped 3 pack­ages: Dir­ect In­vest, Premi­um Man­date and Choice Man­date.

Private Debt - In­stead of in­vest­ing in in­di­vidu­al loans, you can in­vest in a range of book­able in­vest­ment products.

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Stay flexible and liquid with our secondary market

As the only crowd­lend­ing plat­form in Switzer­land, we ex­clus­ively of­fer our in­vestors the op­por­tun­ity to sell their ac­quired shares (CPS) in private and com­mer­cial loans be­fore the end of the reg­u­lar loan peri­od on our sec­ond­ary mar­ket to in­ter­ested in­vestors. Es­pe­cially for newly re­gistered in­vestors, the sec­ond­ary mar­ket of­fers the op­por­tun­ity to gain ini­tial ex­per­i­ence and to re­cog­nize the ad­vant­ages of this new as­set class. Be­ne­fit from a high de­gree of flex­ib­il­ity by of­fer­ing your shares at a dis­count or a mark-up for sale. Buy shares from oth­er in­vestors and be­ne­fit them above all from short­er ma­tur­it­ies and a po­ten­tially lower risk.

What is CreditGate24?

Optimal diversification thanks to choice mandate

From an in­vest­ment sum of CHF 1 mil­lion, we open the full ver­sion of our choice man­date for you. Give us your pref­er­ences on which rat­ing levels you would like to in­vest and we sup­port you in port­fo­lio build­ing.

Our meas­ures for your pro­tec­tion

Your safety is es­pe­cially im­port­ant to us. This is why we have defined vari­ous con­di­tions for how we want to give you op­tim­al pro­tec­tion. These in­clude, among oth­ers, Gen­er­ali's death risk in­sur­ance, a solid­ar­ity agree­ment highly val­ued by our in­vestors, or the pos­sib­il­ity to in­vest in se­cured loans. Of course you can reach us at any time with ques­tions about our meas­ures. Please use our Live-Chat, write us an e-mail to info@cred­it­g­ or use our 24-hour tele­phone ser­vice.

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Das Unternehmen hat in den letzten beiden Jahren total 464 Kredit mit einem Gesamtvolumen von 24.9 Millionen Franken vergeben.
CreditGate24 aus Rüschlikon hat bislang ein Volumen von gegen 12 Millionen Franken verliehen. Bis Ende des Jahres soll es sich versechsfachen.
Unsere Anleger unterstützen lokale KMU.

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