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Invest directly in personal loans or business loans, sell or buy already existing credit project shares on our secondary market, or invest in investment products such as bonds and funds.

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Crowdlending: Make money meaningfully and get attractive returns

Do you want to diversify your portfolio and decide what risk you are willing to take? Take advantage of crowdlending and invest in personal and business loans on our primary market. The minimum investment is CHF 500 and you have free choice in what type of loan and rating class you want to invest your money.

With our primary market you can overview our loans from personal and SME borrowers. You can buy Credit Project Shares (CPS) in a credit project. You are therefore willing to finance part of the loan. As soon as the loan is fully financed, you will receive an invitation to pay as an investor or, as the case may be, your share will be withdrawn directly by direct debiting. You will then receive your share in monthly repayments. In case of investing in a SME short term loan, you will receive a one-time repayment at the end of the term instead of the monthly repayments.

Credit projects on our primary market

Type of creditRatingCollateralNominal interestMax. netto yieldDurationLoan amountAlready financedOpen priceTime left
All projects

What our investors say

«CreditGate24 offers me an uncomplicated investment opportunity. I consider the risk to be minimal and the yields to be very attractive. I look forward to tracking the monthly repayments.»

F. Herter

«By the way: I am very satisfied with Creditgate24 in every respect and hope that you continue this simple, structured, innovative and intelligent way of working. Congratulations to you and the whole team at CreditGate24.»


«CreditGate24 has fulfilled my expectations as an uncomplicated, transparent and lucrative alternative to banks or securities investments»

F. Konermann

Investor benefits

Attractive Returns

Benefit from great yields


Due to our comprehensive credit check process and insurance coverage


High diversification thanks to our solidarity arrangement

Monthly Income

Periodic and reliable repayments of your investments

Diversify your portfolio with our secondary market

Our secondary market is a market place for existing credits for peer-to-peer loans. Within the secondary market there is a capital exchange between registered investors.

The credit shares in a credit project are called Credit Project Shares (CPS). Registered investors have the option to offer their credit in a credit project for sale and/or they can buy CPS from other investors.

Investors can sell their own credit projects at a premium or a discount. In this way, they receive their invested capital before the end of the term of the loan. At the same time, investors can acquire credit projects and thus diversify their portfolio and increase the yield chances. The price is determined by the investors themselves and a purchase or sale is only made if a buyer can be found at the offered price.

Current credit projects on our secondary market

Type of creditRatingCollateralMax. net yieldDuration (left)Duration (total)Remaining AmountOpen offerDue installement paidTime left
All projects

Frequently Asked Questions about Secondary Market

Who is allowed to buy or sell CPS (credit) on the secondary market?
The CreditGate24 secondary market is open to all registered investors of CreditGate24.

Who determines the price of a CPS (credit) on the secondary market?
By default, the purchase price is based on the amount which is still open at the time of the sale to the original investor. However, the seller is free to demand a slightly higher or slightly lower purchase price (premium or disocunt). All relevant information on the CPS is disclosed to the potential new investor / buyer.

What happens when a credit is in default while a CPS (credit) is on sale?
The CPS can no longer be sold at this time and the offer is automatically removed from the secondary market by CreditGate24.

What does the CreditGate24 secondary market cost?
The secondary market for credit shares (CPS) of CreditGate24 is provided to investors free of charge. CreditGate24 does not charge any commission on the sold CPS. Investors pay a unchanged service fee of 1% on all repayments, including on any product sold on the secondary market lending shares.

Other answers to the secondary market can be found in our FAQs on the secondary market.

More questions and answers to our secondary market

Investor benefits

Higher Liquidity

Take advantage of the opportunity to sell your investment before the end of the term.

Additional Investment Opportunity

The secondary market offers additional investment opportunities for investors.

No Additional Costs

The sale and purchase of credit project shares will be made for you without further charges.

Shorter Running Times, Potentially Less Risk

Take advantage of a shorter term to purchase investments and minimize your risk.

High Flexibility

You can sell the CPS with a premium or a discount.

Investment Products

For investors who do not want to invest in individual loans, there is a range of investment products. The administrative burden associated with these indirect investments in loans is kept to a minimum by these products for institutional and private investors. Below can be found the different ways to invest in Swiss SME and personal loans (Small Cap Private Debt).


The relevant preconditions for the investment products can be found in the relevant investment prospectuses.


For private, professional and institutional investors in accordance with the investment prospectus.

Swiss Growth Lending Bond

Our partner company Alkione (Liechtenstein) AG PCC issues various corporate bonds. For more information, please contact the following email address:

Swiss Growth Lending Retail Bond

Our partner company Alkione (Liechtenstein) AG PCC issues various corporate bonds. For more information, please contact the following email address:

Swiss Fixed Income Bond

Our partner company Alkione (Liechtenstein) AG PCC issues various corporate bonds. For more information, please contact the following email address:

CreditGate24 Fund

In cooperation with the 1741 Group, we launch the CreditGate24 Fund. Further information can be found under the following link:

CreditGate24 Fund

Quality P2P SICAV

Hérens Quality Asset Management offers a professionally managed and regulated investment fund. Further information can be found under the following link:

Quality P2P SICAV

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