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    CG24 Group reaches historic milestone by breaking CHF 1 billion mark in disbursed loan volume

    Zurich, 28.02.22

    CG24 Group, the largest marketplace lending platform in Switzerland, confirms its leading position in the market and celebrates its 7th anniversary in March 2022. This is a momentous achievement in the company’s history and underlines the increasing importance of private debt as an asset class and of innovative players such as CG24 Group that add significant value to the financial industry. 

    "Despite the challenging last few years, our Team managed to achieve a goal that demonstrates our strong ...

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    CG24 Group introduces an innovative working culture including fully flexible hours for their office in Zurich

    Zürich, 19.01.22

    CG24 Group introduces the scheme “Be yourself” and announces new Human Resources policy for their personnel in Zurich, including a maximum of 40 working hours per week and 30 days of holiday per year. CG24 Group, the largest marketplace lending platform in Switzerland, anticipates becoming the most attractive and best workplace in the country. The new “Be yourself” scheme, sets new standards in the fintech sector as CG24 Group introduces: 

    • Full flexible working hours 
    • 30 days of holidays ...
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    CreditGate24 is now live in Germany

    Rüschlikon, 14.11.2017
    The Swiss market leader for peer-to-peer lending just announced expansion plans into Germany. From now on private borrowers, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs in Germany can benefit from the fair conditions that CreditGate24 provides. The development of CreditGate24 in Switzerland and the current interest rate on savings accounts in Germany have strengthened the decision to expand. The principle is based on the successful business model that CreditGate24 has in Switzerland. The innovative online platform connects borrowers directly with institutional ...

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    CreditGate24 finances 1’000 loans with a total volume of CHF 52 million

    Rüschlkion, 15.10.2017
    Since the launch of the platform in March 2015, CreditGate24 has financed over 1’000 loans with a funded total lending volume of more than CHF 52 million. The volume of all loan requests is more than CHF 200 million. As an online platform for personal and business loans, the website is a central element. The website has been redesigned with a new fresh look and feel that enables a better customer experience for borrowers and investors. With the ...

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    CreditGate24 strengthens its operational leadership

    Rüschlikon, 20.04.2017
    Stefan Benkert takes the office of CEO and CFO, Christoph M. Mueller is focussing on strategic topics and the internationalisation of CreditGate24

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