Diversify your portfolio


Each loan requested is subjected to a strict loan check, which determines the likelihood of a credit loss. The better the rating (AAA), the lower the risk, the higher the rating (C), the higher the risk of a failure. You can decide which rating level you would like to invest.

Portfolio diversification thanks to rating levels

Every loan application is checked by our team. The loan risk of each applicant is determined and assigned using the rating system. In addition to the creditworthiness of the borrower, the general conditions are also looked at. It is followed by a detailed analysis of the borrower in order to find out whether the borrower is able to handle the credit on a timely basis. The individual rating levels represent the credit risk of the respective customer. The better the rating, the higher the likelihood that the borrower will pay the loan timely and fully. The worse the rating, the higher the likelihood that the loan will default. See our rating levels to see what your expected return is.

Investor benefits

Attractive Returns

Benefit from great yields


Due to our comprehensive credit check process and insurance coverage


High diversification thanks to our solidarity arrangement

Monthly Income

Periodic and reliable repayments of your investments

The relationship between borrower interest rate yield and default probability

CreditGate24 performs a careful credit check on every credit request. Each loan is allocated to a rating level depending on the creditworthiness and default probability. The rating level determines the interest rate.

Investing the easy way

Register online and open an investor account.

Use our primary and secondary market and invest in loans.

Once the loan has been fully financed, you will receive a payment notices, or your invested amount will be debited directly from your account using the direct debit procedure (LSV).

Get your return on investment in monthly installments or as a single payment.


Crowdlending has created a new asset class for private and institutional investors. Investors can use the rating levels to decide how much risk they want to take. The higher the risk, the higher the return. However, the level of risk is different for investors. In order to minimize the risk of default and at the same time to obtain an attractive return, the diversification of one's own portfolio must not be underestimated.

The aim of the diversification is to reduce the risk with a constant expected return, or to increase the return if the risk remains the same.

What our investors say

«CreditGate24 offers me an uncomplicated investment opportunity. I consider the risk to be minimal and the yields to be very attractive. I look forward to tracking the monthly repayments.»

F. Herter

«By the way: I am very satisfied with Creditgate24 in every respect and hope that you continue this simple, structured, innovative and intelligent way. Congratulations to you and the whole team of Creditgate24.»


«CreditGate24 has fulfilled my expectations as an uncomplicated, transparent and lucrative alternative to banks or securities investments»

F. Konermann

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