Real Estate Financing

Individual mezzanine financing

Your be­ne­fits

  • Ad­di­tion­al equity in the shortest pos­sible time
  • Flex­ible terms of up to three years
  • Li­quid­ity for your growth
  • In­di­vidu­al ad­vice and ef­fi­cient pro­cess­ing


With the help of a real es­tate fin­an­cing from Cred­it­G­ate24, bor­rowed cap­it­al can be in­creased to 80% of the loan-to-value ra­tio, thus provid­ing ad­di­tion­al equity cap­it­al. You can there­fore in­crease your fin­an­cial lee­way and can eas­ily and quickly ex­pand your real es­tate port­fo­lio without hav­ing to make amort­isa­tion pay­ments. Your ex­ist­ing in­vest­ment prop­erty serves as col­lat­er­al. Con­tact us and we will be gladly to make you an in­di­vidu­al of­fer.

How it works

You send us the doc­u­ments of your prop­erty, stat­ing the de­sired loan amount. After an in­tern­al ev­al­u­ation of the prop­erty, we de­term­ine the pos­sible ad­di­tion­al fin­an­cing, in­dic­at­ing the rat­ing and thus the res­ult­ing in­terest rate.You can be­ne­fit here from per­son­al ad­vice and flex­ible terms of up to 36 months.

Your de­sired loan is then sub­mit­ted to our in­vestors. As soon as the loan is fully fin­anced and the mort­gage note is es­tab­lished as col­lat­er­al, we im­me­di­ately trans­fer the money to your ac­count.

The real es­tate loan is suit­able for all real es­tate com­pan­ies and pro­fes­sion­al private real es­tate in­vestors. In par­tic­u­lar, own­ers with an ex­tens­ive port­fo­lio of in­vest­ment prop­er­ties be­ne­fit from its rap­id ex­pan­sion and op­tim­isa­tion. Se­cure your fin­an­cing now and fo­cus fully on the growth of your busi­ness.


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