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Individual bridge financing for your dreams

Your be­ne­fits

  • Se­cured loans for mar­ket rates
  • In­di­vidu­al ad­vice also for oth­er pur­poses

Financing new property

At Cred­it­G­ate24, you can fin­ance your dream prop­erty with less worry. Please do not hes­it­ate to con­tact us.


Do you want to rent prop­erty with an ad­di­tion­al mort­gage? With Cred­it­G­ate24, you can take out a flex­ible loan. Your ex­ist­ing prop­erty serves as se­cur­ity. Please con­tact us for an in­di­vidu­al of­fer.

We fin­ance in­vest­ment prop­er­ties and res­id­en­tial. This does not in­clude own­er-oc­cu­pied homes, of­fices, in­dus­tri­al prop­er­ties, build­ing land, etc.


Register online and apply for your personal loan directly from home.

Based on your documents, we will create your personal loan offer.

With your signature, we will put your loan project online.

Our investors will finance your loan and we will transfer the loan to you after a maximum of 14 days (compliance with the KKG).

Get in contact with our experts

Nina Grahovac

Tele­fon: 044 244 30 25
 E-Mail: nina.graho­

SAVE MONEY AND TIME with CreditGate24

Apply for your loan directly online, regardless of opening hours.

Benefit from low interest rates and a simple process.

Get your loan decision within 24 hours.

More than 7,000 customers trust CreditGate24.

Transparent fees

Registration and account opening: free of charge

Loan request: free

CreditGate24 fee: 0.6-0.8% p.a.*

Insurance fee of Generali: already included in the monthly rate **

* Cus­tom­ers will be charged a one-time up­front fee for your loan de­pend­ing on the term and cred­it amount. Min­im­um fee for amort­iz­a­tion loans: CHF 100. 

** In all grades, the re­sid­ual debt (up to CHF 100,000) is in­sured by Gen­er­ali in the event of death and is not trans­ferred to the heir.

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