Social commitment

Helping people is our business.

 helping communities is our responsibility.

We support social projects

The support of social projects and organization is important to us as for this reason we have partnered with a few non-profits that share similar values as we do. Coffee Direct Gmbh help coffee farmers in Ethiopia. They are in direct contact with farmers families and offer assistance to children. CG24 also supports the social services of Pfarrer Sieber (SWS), the Stifung Wunderlampe and the Kinderspital Zürich (Kispi)

Coffee Direct GmbH

Coffee is about pleasure. Make it force for good.

Direct Coffee supports the coffee farmers in Ethiopia. For Marie and Michael, founder of Direct Coffee GmbH, have made it their task to enable the families, above all the children of the coffee farmers, a better future. That is why they have set out for Africa to get in direct contact with the coffee farmers and to get the best coffee beans. “For good coffee it needs high mountains, old, shadow-giving trees and a lot of patience”. The ripe coffee cherries, to beans they become after the roasting, are handpicked.

The ripe coffee cherries, in which two coffee beans are hidden, are picked by hand. The harvest time for the coffee cherries is limited to 2 months. After the harvest, the pulp is removed, the beans are dried and transported to Switzerland, where they are then roasted fresh.

With every coffee package they sell in Switzerland, Marie and Michaël support social projects directly on the spot. These include, for example, deworming, schooling or a visual aid for the children on the spot. On their website,, they tell about their travels to Ethiopia and their projects, which they support. On the website they have their own shop and sell their coffee.

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Sozialwerke Pfarrer Sieber (SWS)

A voice for people in need

The aim of our communication is to provide a voice to people in need. We are committed to helping those living on the margins of society. We address their plights, encourage understanding for their needs and demand that the society treats them with the respect and dignity they deserve. We are not afraid to address social and political issues.

Communication as teamwork

Our communications officer works closely with General Manager of the Sozialwerke Pfarrer Sieber, Christoph Zingg, to ensure quick and professional communication in all SWS related matters, both internally and externally. The guidelines of the work consist in using media to raise public awareness of the SWS and in securing donations for the financing of current and future projects. We want to remind the general public regularly that meanwhile around 190 employees and several volunteers are advancing the valuable work of Pastor Ernst Sieber.

Communication as a process

Communication is a process by which we not only provide information but also receive it across multiple channels (personal contacts, by letter, by telephone, electronically). Our communication efforts should therefore be more than just one-way. Our goal is on the one hand to express the concerns of the people who put their trust in us. On the other hand we are open to feedback, suggestions and comments from anyone interested in the work of the SWS.

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Stiftung Wunderlampe

Dreams come true

The Wunderlampe foundation fulfills the wishes of critically ill and disabled children.

The foundation operates nationally. It is tax exempt throughout Switzerland and is monitored by the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (EDI) in addition to an external auditor that the foundation engages. Since its inception in 2001, the Wunderlampe foundation has been able to fulfill over 1,300 wishes. An overview of these diverse experiences can be found online at:

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Kinderspital Zürich (Kispi)

With around 2,000 employees, the Kinderspital Zürich is the largest University Children’s Hospital in Switzerland and one of Europe’s leading centers for pediatrics. But it’s the little ones that make the “Kispi” so special: up to 100,000 patients are treated annually in our roughly 30 departments.

The quality of care provided at Kispi is not just the result of our state-of-the-art equipment and the excellent quality of our treatment but also of our emphasis on interpersonal relationships. In addition to the full spectrum of pediatric medicine and surgical procedures, the Kinderspital also has a unique rehabilitation center and a research center.

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